We support the rigorous demands of a variety of market segments within the power generation industry, including Nuclear, Oil and Gas, Alternative Energies, Hydro-power, and Coal-Fired. We have helped in areas ranging from sub-component and system suppliers into the industry to end-use power plants, to local energy providers. Some application examples we have worked on include- 

  • Steam Turbine Component Machining and Fabrication
  • Turbine Automation Control Panels
  • Trip Valve Stands
  • Compressor and Turbine Sub-assemblies
  • High Voltage Component and Frame Assemblies
  • Heat Exchanger Elements

Tool and Die

KPI’s founding team emerged in large part from the Tool and Die industry, making this an industry segment that we understand very well. We grasp the unique challenges that go into die design and manufacturing. To this point we have designed a significant portion of our facility and machine tool portfolio to meet the needs of this market segment. We own larger machine tool equipment making us uniquely positioned to support larger die sets. Some example tool and die applications we have worked on include-

  • Bearing Manufacturing Dies
  • Electrical Connector Dies
  • Automotive Component Dies
  • Consumer Cosmetic Product Dies
  • Power Generation Component Dies


Defense work often requires extra levels of control around documentation, manufacturing processes and supply chain activities, and in response we have put specific controls in place including ITAR registration and CUI security compliance plans to handle flow down directives. For this reason KPI has long been trusted by prime and secondary Defense and Aerospace contractors and direct government customers. Some example applications include- 

  • Munitions Tooling and Componentry
  • Military Vehicle Components
  • HPU and Power Transmission Systems
  • Components/Systems with Specialty Coatings
  • Optical and Tracking Componentry
  • Surveillance System Components


Precision manufacturing is absolutely critical in the Robotics segment. Often applications require tight tolerance machining and fabrication in order to meet system level accuracy requirements. Additionally, this segment typically places a strong focus on aesthetics, making quality control an even more critical element in the manufacturing process. We support a number of key robotics manufacturers in applications like-

  • Machine base fabrication
  • Machine guarding fabrication
  • Weldments and Mounting Bracketry
  • Small machine components machining
  • Sub-component assembly- motors, actuators, etc
  • Wiring


Instrumentation market segments cover a broad spectrum of technologies from metering and detection devices to air flow and vacuum instruments and much more. Here flexibility is key. KPI’s ability to scale from prototype volumes to full production and respond to a variety of different size and complexity variations in manufacturing, has been key. Customers in this industry have come to us for a variety of applications including-

  • Measurement and Diagnostic Instruments
  • Vacuum Components
  • Pump Elements
  • Fabricated Machine Frames
  • Mounting Brackets and Housings
  • Fluid Transfer Pipe Assembly


Our experience in this market has demonstrated that it can be hard to gain initial specification, but once specified, consistency and reliability are absolutely paramount. We understand these unique requirements and have a robust quality policy in place to ensure these demands are met. Applications in this space often require us to leverage small footprint and high precision manufacturing techniques. Application examples include-

  • Medical Table Components
  • Extraction Device Component and Frame Manufacturing
  • Clinical Diagnostic Instruments
  • Respiratory and Ventilation Instruments


KPI has been supporting transportation customers since the early onset of the business. Manufacturing process control has been a key to our success in this industry. Our customers look to us to streamline and simplify their supply chain challenges and to respond to often changing requirements.  Some example applications that we have supported include-

  • Exhaust Manifold Fabrication
  • Tube/Brake Line Fabrication
  • Traffic Analysis Instruments
  • Commercial Vehicle Equipment and Accessories


Glass manufacturing facilities like many other manufacturing segments are focused on uptime and efficiency. We have helped our partners in this industry with everything from in-plant manufacturing engineering support to prototyping of test and inspection devices. You can find our experts side by side with our customer’s manufacturing team to help implement innovative improvements to the process. 

  • Coating Line Equipment 
  • Research and Development Test Equipment
  • Maintenance and Machine Support
  • Glass Racking Equipment


Being located in Western PA makes it hard not to be involved in some way with Steel and Metal Manufacturing. We served many of the industries biggest names and prime suppliers into mills across the country and the world. Often lead time is the name of the game in supplying MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) support to mills and helping to mitigate down-time concerns. Some applications we have been involved with include-

  • Blast Furnace Replacement Parts
  • Stove System Components
  • Hot and Cold Rolling Components
  • Extrusion Press Components


Our focus on flexibility and customer service have proven valuable in the Paint and Coatings industry especially in research and development. We have worked closely with researchers at key customers to aid the R and D cycle and support prototype testing and evaluation. We have also addressed a need for frontline support in optimizing production equipment to improve usability and efficiency. We have supported a wide array of different applications including these examples-

  • Stirring/Blending Equipment
  • Coating Test Fixtures
  • Resin Sample Moulds
  • Environmental Test Equipment
  • Adhesion Test Equipment
  • Paint Application Equipment and Components
If you would like additional information on our experience in these industries and/or have an application in one of these industries or any others please contact us and we would be glad to further assist you.

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