Water Jet Cutting

A Water Jet Cutter is a CNC controlled machine used to cut a variety of materials through the use of a high pressure jet stream of water. There are two major types of water jets, abrasive and pure water jet. As the name implies the abrasive type utilizes an abrasive media mixed in with the water, whereas pure waterjet is a water-only solution. The abrasive option allows for cutting of harder materials, such as many metals or stone.

Water jet machines use a high pressure pump to increase output water pressure that then passes through a series of tubes to the nozzle. The parts to be cut are laid down on a table, which sit below the water nozzle that is mounted to linear stages typically in an XYZ configuration over the table. Sometimes rotary heads are integrated into the machine giving a full five-axis of motion which can enable cutting on angles.

Our Water Jet Cutting Process and Approach

At AKI we primarily leverage water jet cutting as a preliminary step prior to machining. While we do not have in house water jet cutting capabilities we rely on a strong group of partners that we work closely with to compliment our capabilities. Whether you have a need for a small volume of simple parts to high volume or highly complex integrated solutions, we can support your needs.

We can support a variety of materials, from steel to stainless steel to aluminum and more. We cover industries from medical, to energy to defense to instrumentation and robotics and more. Have a current or upcoming project? Have a member of our team contact you to discuss.

Water Jet Cutting Applications

Water jet cutting services are used in a multitude of industries and for a variety of applications. Water jet cutting is often used as a first step in the manufacturing process. These machines are ideal to quickly and cost effectively rough and shape sizes of a part that will then go into a further machining process. In many applications where tolerance requirements and finish specifications are not as demanding, often water jets can be used as a finishing process to cut out shapes and features in parts.

The Advantages of Water Jet Cutting

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of water jet cutting over other technologies is the fact that there is no heat induced into the part being cut. This means there are no heat affected or hardened areas of the material. Water jet cutting can also be very cost-effective and faster than many other cutting processes. Water jet cutters can cut virtually any material, and can cut a wide range of intricate shapes, geometries.